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Your one stop shop for everything including location scouting, wardrobe and prop styling, model casting and contracts, budgeting bids, retouching, social strategy and so much more  


Location Scouting

Magdalena is a pro at finding the dreamiest locations across the globe to perfectly represent your brand and catch the eye of your target audience. Whether it's Washington DC,  LA,  Greece or beyond let her take care of finding the spot and fixing up any required permits or paperwork pre shoot. 


All of the work you see is fully retouched. Keeping her images looking authentic and natural, Magdalena never uses a heavy hand. From skin airbrushing to color correction, wardrobe/body reshape, adding or removing makeup and blemishes, changing colors of products /details, adding volume to hair or a few extra eye lashes, Magdalena can do it all !

Rachel Pretorious.jpg

Brand Photography

Stand out with thoughtful imagery that captures your brand’s essence. Whether your brand is you or the products you produce, Magdalena can help style and highlight your unique identity. Lifestyle photography is her favorite way to capture your brand by putting you or your product in their natural and ideal environment, creating images that  look authentic and effortless! 

Model Casting/Contracting 

Magdalena has spent years working with models across America and has a network of talented and diverse models ready to help you market your product and brand. She can help with model releases and contracts pre shoot so you have nothing to do but select who you want in your campaign. With her personal connections she can guarantee the most competitive rates and great chemistry on set! 

Nardia Bhoodoo Swimwear

Wardrobe / Prop Styling

Magdalena advises on wardrobe selections for all her clients and commercial shoots. Her extensive study of costume history at Drexel University along with her passion in trends keeps her work looking fresh and clean. Magdalena will even go shopping with you to make sure you have everything you need down to the last detail. 

Social Strategy

From product launches to social ads, Magdalena will help map out your plan for success! Starting with a discussion about your brand vision and goals, Magdalena will audit your social media strategy to help you formulate brand building social campaigns as well as share tips and tricks to keep things consistent and on trend along the way!  

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